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    Sunday, December 10

    how do you make someone happy really?
    by making them smile?
    being by them whenever he/she needs you?
    buy sweets and candies and chocolates?
    cuddling with him/her?
    love him/her?
    hate him/her?
    miss him/her?
    sending 'i still remember you' cards?
    what about those forwarded messages that was sent through sms or emails?
    or even sending a smile from friendster.
    by giving them surprises?
    shower them with many many presents?
    what else can you name?
    will those stuffs really make someones' day?
    are those mention above can really excite and makes them a happy person?

     -capture those moments ;

    Thursday, November 30

    Child Aid concert(29/11/2006)that was organized by The Straits Times and The Business Times was wonderful.My favourite part of the concert was by the youngest performer, Ethan Ong, and not forgetting the lil kids who did hip hop dance for the opening act.
    it was memorable.not only that the concert was spectacular but also the volunteering team was marvellous.though me and si jia is like the oldest volunteer, but it was great.fun fun and FUNN.
    the most breathtaking part was during the arrival of all the VIPs. had to be the cheparon for Mr Timothy and Mrs Josephine from Seagate Technology International.very nice people to be hanging out with.and Dr Tony Tan is adorable.(:
    watching those youngsters performing like professionals, i was totally blown away.
    thumbs up for all.
    (although i have issues with the stage lightings.)

    Arts Management gathering,from level 1 all through to level 3.it was nice mingling with the people and they were generous with their experience being in the industry.i wonder what happens to the Arts Management Society that is pending.is it confirm?

    and mr weebits,thanks for bringing the girls out for lunch.and it was really filling.haha.we shall go there again and this time you must eat well.when things are better alright?and after that we can hit the shopping malls and shop till we drop?just like always.haha.and yes,im here just for you.(:

    ting ting ting ting ting ting ting ting ting ting ting ting.


     -capture those moments ;

    Thursday, November 23

    a pretty nice show.its worth catching it.
    in own personal opinion,i felt that its a better version than honey.though the dance routine were very tight for both shows but the storyline is much better in step up.


     -capture those moments ;

    Saturday, November 18

    there is definitely debates on how youngsters should and must behave in the society.
    the way we speak, sit, eat, drink, walk, burp, clean our nose, and the list goes on.

    have anyone ever thought of how older people, aged 30 years old and above, should also behave in the public?
    maybe they should not burp loudly, not push everybody in order to get into trains, spit anywhere and everywhere, pick their nose, and bla bla bla.
    just the way they hate seeing the young people doing it.

    nobody likes what other people have and do.there is no way that we can satisfy everyone.the best resolution is to satisfy yourself.anyone else will come in after YOU.(:


     -capture those moments ;

    Friday, November 17


    there so much things that happens in this life are rarely appreciated.

    we always take things for granted.

    we never fail to think that 'who cares about how and what others feel?as long as im happy its fine.'

    do we know what happens to our neighbour when we are enjoying ourselves?

    this leads to my sister's encounter at ecp.

    she met a 9 year old boy who is homeless and at that point of time he was left alone at the beach without his parents and money.

    arent we suppose to be thank ful with the shelter that we have above our head?

    and the money that we have in our wallets,piggy banks,etc.?

    and another thing,not all parents are the same as what you have.

    your parents can be nice,who loves you so much and never neglects you.

    gives their support to you whenever you needed them to.

    do not mind rendering any form of help that you need.

    lets now ask ourselves.

    and reflect.

    how many times in your life have you really appreciated with what you have and get?


     -capture those moments ;

    Wednesday, November 15

    Singapore Salsa Congress is happening in singapore this December. there will loads of parties and workshops.those interested do drop by.can get tix at www.gatecrash.com or any SAM machine island wide.

    more infos:http://www.singaporesalsacongress.com

    this is the time to dance your hearts out.

    not any other kind.

    but its sensual.

    full of passion.

    enjoy Salsa this December.


     -capture those moments ;

    Monday, October 9


    Maggie, 1996, Oil on canvas

    Big Self-Portrait, 1968,acrylic on canvas

     -capture those moments ;